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Our Vision

Justified Logistic Solutions is a family owned 3PL Fulfillment Center. Our goal is to maintain outstanding customer service, offer the latest and greatest in supply chain management and all other logistic services all while providing cost saving solutions to our customers.

JLS was built around the ever increasing demands of today’s fast paced world, today’s growing e-retail market and your customer’s expectations of product delivery.

Every year shipping fees increase but your customers want to pay less and less. This is where JLS comes in!

JLS has a state of the art facility offering many different solutions and services to increase your customer satisfaction ratings, streamline your day to day operations and to grow your company.

Company Profile

Justified Logistic Solutions offers an array of services.

  • Deliveries are inspected for accuracy and placed into inventory within 24 hours of receipt.

  • Quarantine Holds, Additional Inspections and Recording of Lots is also available.

  • JLS offers additional storage capability to our customers to enhance their order fulfillment and delivery capabilities.

Order Fulfillment (Pick & Pack)
  • JLS has a vast understanding of the Pick and Pack Process.

  • JLS has the technology and expertise to enhance the speed and accuracy of customer orders.

Inventory Control
  • JLS will conduct routine Cycle Counting of your product every month or as needed.

Real Time Inventory Reporting
  • Customers will have access to view their live inventory levels 24/7 and generate any reports necessary from our system.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Product Receipts, Customer Orders and Invoicing will be processed via EDI.

Order Processing
  • Orders from your customers may be loaded directly into our system via EDI or Manual Entry.

Production & Assembly
  • JLS offers final-step completion of product assembly, packaging and labeling.

Worldwide Shipping
  • JLS ships internationally and will handle all Customs documentation.

Expedited Services
  • Emergency and Rush Orders can be handled on a case by case basis.

  • All orders received in our system by 1pm daily, Monday through Friday, will be shipped the same day.