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Next Level Operations

JLS can offer smaller businesses the deep shipping fee discounts the medium and large companies are receiving. We can also improve order placement to delivery turnaround times with our same day shipping schedule. This is accomplished by facilitating fulfillment operations for many different customers and producing higher levels of package throughput at our state of the art 3PL facility.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

JLS can assist companies and businesses of any size in their day to day supply chain management operations. The services we provide allow our customers to increase productivity levels, reduce overtime at their facilities, continue to build and manage their day to day operations without increasing overhead costs and improve their customer satisfaction ratings without adding additional personnel.

Inventory Accuracy and Control

JLS offers many different types of inventory functions. At no extra cost to our customers, we Cycle Count your inventory as needed. We also offer recording of Lots, Quality Assurance inspections and real time inventory reporting.

JLS offers Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) to all our customers at no extra charge. This allows for extremely fast data transfers to and from our customers.